Recognizing outstanding change-makers who seek to make a difference in their communities.

Our lives are driven by stories, stories of common people driving uncommon change in pursuit of creating a better world. When these stories are of adolescent girls from some of the most challenging social, economic, and political backgrounds; it especially fuels and impacts a belief towards nurturing girl leaders to create a more equitable world.

‘I Am a Girl Icon’

Khushboo- Girl Icon Uttar Pradesh

Rajni- Girl Icon Uttar Pradesh

Dharini- Swarachana School

2019 The Girl Icon Residential Training, Uttar Pradesh Show
2018 Karnataka Leadership Training Show
2018 Madhya Pradesh Leadership Training Show
2018 Building Community Network - Uttar Pradesh Show
2016 The Change Makers Show

Creating New Pathways

Change the world like a Girl

Joining forces for the greater good

14-year-old fights back to stop child marriages 

The Girl Icons by Frankie Magazine

Building A Movement Of Leaders In India To Fight Gender Inequality

Building the Largest Movement of Grassroots Girl Leaders In India

Meet the three girl icons who are empowering others in their communities to fight for their rights and bring change.

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