Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Milaan
We believe that embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as organisational values fosters a culture
where every voice is welcome, heard, and respected with a sense of belonging.


Our team members come from diverse social and economic backgrounds, including minority religions, low-income communities, single women-led households, other backward classes, etc. We encourage building a team of individuals with varied skills, perspectives, backgrounds, and resources, which promotes creativity and innovation, and yields different voices that play an important role in accomplishing our organisation’s mission whilst increasing understanding of community needs. We also create and offer internships, job opportunities, and scholarships to people from underrepresented groups.


We are an equal opportunity organisation with zero gender pay gap, gender-friendly organisational policies and processes, and a high emphasis on recruiting people from diverse backgrounds, with emphasis on hiring from the regions we work in. We ensure our staff feels free to express themselves based on their unique perspectives. We ensure while hiring candidates, we write gender-neutral job descriptions and use words that strike a balance of gendered descriptors and verbs, and create a blind system of reviewing resumes that don’t see “demographic characteristics”. We have developed and implemented a diversity-friendly and inclusive workplace policy built on trust and transparency.


Each staff member represents a unique set of experiences, skills, capabilities, aspirations and more. We embrace, encourage, and empower our staff to hone their individuality to share their insights and contribute fully to the organisation’s success. We aim to create an inclusive workplace environment where varied cultures, backgrounds and ways of thinking are valued and embraced, allowing our staff to feel comfortable being themselves, thereby boosting their engagement, happiness and productivity levels.

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