COVID-19 Relief & Resilience Building Project 2020-22

Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populous state with over 60% of its inhabitants living below the poverty line. Access to healthcare is scarce with limited opportunities for accessible and affordable resources in rural villages.

For years, Milaan has served the most vulnerable communities of Uttar Pradesh. Our experience and presence in the geography have provided us with a deep understanding of the issues and challenges, unique to the social, cultural, and economic landscape of Uttar Pradesh. During the pandemic, we stepped in to respond to the most urgent needs of the rural communities in the state.

Fighting Hunger Crisis

Building Awareness

Strengthening Community Health Centres

Supporting women health workers

Increasing Vaccination Rates

Our Impact
Community members vaccinated
Medical consumables distributed​
Life-saving medicine kits distributed​
Women health workers supported with diagnostic kits​
Flood-affected families supported with dry ration kits​
Community awareness meetings held​
Community Member

“The medicines in the kit, especially those for fever, really helped reduce my temperature and stopped the infection from spreading to the rest of my family members. It helped me recover in 3-4 days without having to go to the hospital.”


“We did not have any thermometers to check people for symptoms and touching them directly with our hands meant putting ourselves at risk. But with all the products in Milaan’s diagnostic kits, we were able to do our job without fear and support those who needed medical help.”

Community Member

“The medicines are of high quality and it is really good that we were able to get them to our doorstep so easily through the ASHA’s. People in the community who are afraid to go to the hospital can now get better at home.”

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