Milaan, in 2007, initiated “Swarachna School” in a remote, rural village called Kaintain in Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh. The centre is a creation of the collaborative efforts of the local community and Milaan.


Founding members of Milaan started a learning center near Kaintain, Sidhuli, Sitapur providing non-formal education to 48 children.


Considering the need of the community, generous community leaders donated 1 acre of land to Milaan with Milaan committing to build and run the 1st senior secondary school for the community.


Founder students ran a crowdfunding campaign,
“Build a School, Brick by Brick” and raise INR 1.6 lakhs to build the first 2 rooms of the school.


RTE, 2010 mandated
non-government school to meet the infrastructure
requirements or close. With initial donation of INR 3 lakhs form the community, Milaan started “One square feet of Happiness” campaign to raise INR 2 crores to meet the govt. guidelines and save this dream project.


Started the construction of the school with support from some individual donors.

Started mid-day meal to
provide nutritious lunch to children.


Achieved minimum
requirements (appox
18,500 sq feet) by the govt. and filed papers for school recognition till grade 12th under UP Board.


Swarachna School was awarded a lifetime affiliation by the UP board, till grade 12th.

Delivered 100% pass
result in both 10th and
12th Grade.

Re-envisioned the
future of the school
with the community.

Purchased one acre of
land to support future

The Road Ahead


By April 2022, expand the Swarachna School to work with 1000 children from current strength of 350 children.


Develop a residential facility for 200 academically high performing girls from
low-income communities for pursue their secondary and senior secondary education (Grade 9 to 12th.)

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