The Girl Icon programming develops and fosters a series of self-positive behaviours that are essential for continued resilience and future leadership. Empowerment is a personal journey, as unique and diverse as the individuals themselves. Self-positive traits of independent mobility, knowledge of resources and services, awareness of gender inequity challenges, and ability to express oneself are examples of interim outcomes that support the development of resilience, identity development, and empowerment. Milaan’s Girl Icon Program provides essential empowerment training for girls as a stepping stone, exposing girls to structural gender challenges and encouraging girls to believe in their own abilities and to foster a sense of self.

- University of California, Berkeley

The Girl Icon Program

The Girl Icon Program was founded in 2015 to empower adolescent girls through an experiential life-skills based journey, providing safe spaces to amplify their voices and opportunities to sensitize and mobilize communities through collective social action.

We believe in the power of girls to be agents of change.


The Milaan School

Milaan School was established in 2007 to educate the next generation of change-makers. What started with 1 volunteer teacher and 10 students now caters to 350 children!

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Gender Equality

Quality Education

Girl rights and Empowerment

Leadership Development

Skill Development

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Strengthening Communities

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