Medical consumables distributed to 17 block level community health centres and frontline health workers

Villagers mobilised
and vaccinated

Lives supported with
basic medicine kits

Ration kits distributed

ASHA and ANMs supported
with diagnostic kits

Battling COVID-19 in Rural Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh homes the largest population of India with over 60% of the population below the poverty line. In rural villages, access to healthcare is scarce with limited accessibility, and unavailability of resources. The healthcare establishments in Uttar Pradesh rank extremely low with the unavailability of staff, tools, and equipment, and the state’s overall performance in health indicators fares as the worst in India.

Unable to match the needs of a vast population, the healthcare workers are overburdened, operating with the limited resources they have. Deepening poverty in rural and remote villages of Uttar Pradesh is leading to a looming hunger crisis for vulnerable communities. Another rapidly rising challenge is the deep-rooted vaccine hesitancy leading to low vaccination rates in rural communities of Uttar Pradesh.

For the last 13 years, Milaan has served the most vulnerable communities of Uttar Pradesh. Our experience and presence in the geography have endowed us to gain a deep understanding of the issues and challenges, unique to the social, cultural, and economic landscape of Uttar Pradesh. We’re responding to the most urgent needs to save the rural communities of Uttar Pradesh.

The project supports


COVID-19 Medicine Kits

According to WHO, 80% of COVID-19 cases can be treated at home with regular antibiotics. But with no access to even the most basic of medicines like Paracetamol, Zinc, Antibiotics, etc, a large majority of the population in villages were succumbing to death due to a medicine shortage to treat even the mildest symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever. We are supporting vulnerable communities with basic COVID-19 medicine kits to treat affected patients in home isolation for 14 days.

Increase Vaccinations Rates

In direct collaboration with the government frontline women health workers (ANMs), we are ramping up vaccination rates at the community vaccination camps by fighting the vaccine hesitancy and mobilizing community members to get jabbed. Donate to support our efforts on the ground and support a community to get vaccinated.
New Project

Equip Women health workers

India’s first line of defense in any health crisis is its army of women health workers known as ASHA and ANMs. To harness their power, we’re supporting ASHA and ANMs with diagnostic kits specially designed to be effectively used on the ground. Each diagnostic kit consists of the thermal scanner, oximeter, N-95 masks, hand sanitizer, protective face shield, and gloves.

Feed a family

Already poor and vulnerable families have been further pushed into the poverty pit due to the pandemic especially sole women-led households. We’re supporting adversely affected families with ration kits to survive the pandemic. Each kit supports a family of five.

Voices From The Ground


Praveen Kumar

Community Member
Reusa, U.P

“The medicines in the kit, especially those for fever helped bring down my temperature and stop the infection from spreading among my family members. It helped me recover in 3-4
days without having to go
to the hospital”


Ruchi Jaiswal

ANM, Parsendi CHC, U.P

“With diagnostic tools such as thermal scanners and oximeters, I saw the difference in the attitude of villagers, they were willing to get detected after seeing we were well equipped and took us more seriously. It made them curious enough to get checked for common symptoms”.


Kiran Bedi

Community Member
Janipur, U.P

“The medicines are of high-quality and it is really good that we can get them at our doorstep so easily through the ASHA’s. People in the community who are afraid to go to the hospital can now get better at home”

Together, if we act fast, we can save millions of lives in rural villages

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